October 6 - 8, 2017

A retreat is a good time to re-set and make space in our lives for Jesus, through simplicity, slowing down, and having margin.

We can be space-makers to help prepare the way for Jesus to work in our lives and in the world. You may find yourself up against a wall, but there is HOPE.

2017 RATES

Full retreat: $140- 2 nights, 5 meals

Half retreat: $115 - 1 night, 4 meals

Saturday only: $85 - 3 meals

*if you are interested in providing a way for other ladies to join us at this year's retreat, please consider donating to our women's retreat scholarship fund during registration


Friday: 5:00 pm registration begins, 6:00pm dinner

Sunday: 12:00 pm retreat ends

This year's offering will go to the Midwest Conference Women Ministries and the D.R. Congo's Lycée Vanette School.

Churches, use our PPT slide to promote this retreat.



Zip-line, shopping with a purpose with Compassion Marketplace, breakout sessions for deeper learning and fun adventures, high ropes course, free time, visiting Estes Park, a chance to support women ministries around the world through our annual offering, and more!

"Canvas & Conversation"

with Erin Drez

Join us Friday evening after our session for a fun time mixing art and conversation. We will be doing a small canvas and the project is designed for women of all artistic abilities (or not). You are not going to paint Long’s Peak unless you want to!!!! Make new friends, laugh, and create a small reminder of our time together. You will want to be here Friday night!!

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We will have many breakout sessions & events at this year's retreat, including:

"Wake Up with Yoga and Prayer"

with Ellen Johnson

Begin your day with Yoga! Ellen will lead us through a 45 minute video that has 29 simple poses we will hold. As we hold the pose, we will listen to scripture and be lead in a silent prayer. You will be able to pray for many things during this time. This yoga class is for all skill levels. Come spend some time with God in prayer as we exercise our bodies.

"Your Schedule's New Best Friend"

with Jessica Lynn Johnson (www.jljcoachingservices.com)

There are always great causes and events around us, begging for our time and energy, but we can't do it all! After this workshop you'll be equipped to stay in control of your schedule by identifying and living out your top 3 values.

"Clearing Space for our Mental Health"

with Sarah Bontrager

This breakout session is a chance for you to re-set and make space for questions you might have about mental health. Led by Sarah Bontrager, Registered Clinical Marriage and Family Psychotherapist, this workshop is meant to help you explore several key questions about what it looks like to care for your spiritual, psychological, and physical well-being. The goal will be to laugh a lot, make time for some self-reflection, and leave with good information for next steps. 


"Bringing Our Whole Selves into Worship: Creative Possibilities for Body, Mind, and Soul"

with Stina Hoberecht

W often we become disconnected from our bodies during worship and focus only on our mental experience. This workshop will explore what it's like to use dance in a worshipful way. We will also explore subtle ways to integrate our whole selves into worship. It is not necessary to have any previous dance experience for this workshop.

"Missional Moms"

with Celeste DierenfeldMindi Leonard,

Linda Turkiewicz, and Pat Grace

So often in our society we are bombarded with the 'need' for moms and kids to perform. Piano lessons, sports, good grades, perfect children. What if that is not what God intended our focus to be? What if He intended for our focus to be about Him, living into a life that follows His lead and takes us and our families wherever HE wants? Missional Moms explores this in a way that helps you to see that what society breeds and God's purpose are not one and the same.


"Life Rhythms"

with Darlene Thulson

Rhythms. What comes to your mind when you here that word? Rhythms are crucial to our overall health. Picture the rhythm of waves. They come up to the shore with beautiful power and then slip back to 'rest' and regain the energy to do it again. Our lives are like waves- we reach out to serve. But to continue a life of giving and service, we have to retreat and rest to be replenished. We need to be re-energized by God's embracing ocean of love, joy, and wisdom. During this workshop, we'll look at the rhythms of our lives, especially those that bring renewal and strength.

"Generational Puzzle- Prepare the Way for Jesus in the Next Generation"

with Elyse Thornburg

Do you ever find yourself perplexed by the millennials in your life and their non-conformist logic? Are you about to go bonkers with your parents’ constant critique of your lifestyle? Do you find yourself at odds with your grandchildren’s worldview? We’ve all been there—generational differences are an unavoidable part of everyday life. Join us as we explore the sticking points between the generations especially when it comes to faith and the church.