2017 Available Dates

Spring 2017
  • April 17th - 19th

Fall 2017

  • October 30th - November 1st
  • November 13th - 15th
  • November 15th - 17th

Scheduling Tips & Details

At Summit School, we work with you to design the perfect custom schedule to fit the needs of your group, because we realize that each group is unique and has different needs. Wherever your group’s purpose falls on the spectrum of strictly educational to just plain fun, we will work with you to maximize your time here. Download our scheduling guide HERE.

We have a wide range of activities and classes, and it is impossible to fit all of these into just one visit.

Please read through our classes & activities and get a feel for which ones you think your group would benefit from most.

Then call us, and together we will create a schedule that maximizes your group’s visit.

2 day sample schedule

3 day sample schedule


Most classes and activities are done in rotation. Your group is broken up into 2 – 6 smaller groups; each of these groups rotate through the different activities. Classes and activities can run from 1 to 3 hours depending on your schedule.

It is our recommendation that we keep the classes short. Our experience is that shorter classes often hold the students' attention better,and in the end leave them excited and wanting more!