Classes & Activities

During your visit you will have the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of classes and activities both on camp and off.

Check out all of our great courses below, explore scheduling options, and contact us to create your ideal outdoor education experience.

On Camp Classes

  • Map & Compass - Students will learn basic compass and topographical map reading skills. These skills will then be put to the test as students navigate their way through the woods on our Orienteering Course.
  • Wilderness Survival - The mountains can be a very unforgiving place. Students will discover techniques and tricks that will prepare them for wilderness travel and what to do if they become lost. Students will also learn the Ten Systems of Essentials for wilderness survival, how to build a shelter, and how to start a fire.
  • Basic First Aid - Students will learn basic first aid principals and techniques. Practice with partners allows the students hands-on experience and backs-up what they have learned.
  • Tree Ecology - Students will participate in a variety of different activities exploring and learning about Colorado Timber. Main activities center on the topics of Tree Identification, Tree Anatomy, Tree Growth/Rings, and Life Zones.
  • Rocky Mountain Geology - Learn how mountains are built and formed. With a variety of different activities, students will learn about Plate Tectonics, Mountain Building, Mountain Formations, Erosion, and Glaciers.
  • Water Ecology - Students will explore a stream environment as they catch, identify, and release macroinvertebrates. Students will also learn about the Water Cycle, how to test water conditions, Colorado fish identification, and the student’s favorite, the raft race (water velocity).
  • Animal Tracks & Trails - Class covers a wide range of material on animals found in Colorado, as students participate in activities and learning games. Predator / Prey Relations, Animal Characteristics, Evidences of Life, and Animal Camouflage are the main topic areas.
  • Hiking - An interpretive hike, where instructors stop along the way for teaching opportunities. Choose between Twin Sisters Overlook (hard) or Lily Lake (easy). 
  • Teacher's Choice - Many times a teacher or a parent from the school will have an area of expertise that they would like to share with the students. If this is the case, we would love to work it into our activity rotations and accommodate their needs if possible.

On Camp Activities

  • High Ropes Course - Students move through a series of elements thirty five feet above the ground. These fully protected and supervised exercises are designed to allow participants to work on personal and group goals. These goals may include building self-esteem, breaking through barriers, and pushing perceived limits. 
  • Low Ropes Course - The Low Ropes Course provides a progressive series of team building activities that enable the students to develop trust in each other, solve problems together, and develop communication skills. This is a great activity for all ages and is a highly effective tool to build community.
  • Zipline - Not only is our zipline fun, but through a process called challenge-by-choice this activity can also be a big confidence booster for timid students. Safely jump from a twenty-foot high platform and enjoy a wild thousand foot ride. 

On Camp All Group Games

  • The Survival Game - Students run around camp as “Prey” trying to find “Food” and “Water”, meanwhile the Teachers and Instructors are “Predators” and chase the “Prey” with Super Soakers. Kids learn the challenges prey have in surviving, and the Teachers get revenge.
  • Organized All Group Games - We have a large number of all group games that your Gym Teacher has probably never used or seen. Usually used as an energy releaser and lasting 45 minutes to an hour.

Rocky Mountain National Park Hiking

We are pleased to provide half-day and full-day excursions exploring RMNP. This is an excellent opportunity for students to be immersed in all that the Colorado's Rockies have to offer. We include transportation at no additional cost. Choose between several different hiking options; be sure to obtain the Park's required Entrance Fee Waiver (Online Application). 

  • Cub Lake – Located at the upper end of Moraine Park, the Cub Lake trail takes you past beaver ponds and prime elk territory as you work your way to Cub Lake. Make it a longer trail by heading up to the “Pool” and ending up at the Fern Lake Trail Head. 
  • Beaver Meadows – Take a loop trail up to “Lunch Rock” which overlooks Moraine Park, a great place to teach about glaciers and geology. This is also a good place to see elk and your best chance to see coyotes.
  • Gem Lake – Tucked up into Lumpy Ridge, the Gem Lake hike offers a good challenge for students as they come to several overlooks of the Estes Park Valley.

Moraine Park Museum

  • Spend some time at the Moraine Park Museum in Rocky Mountain National Park, as Park Rangers greet you and give a nature talk before the students explore the museum. To increase student learning, students get worksheets that encourage them to read the different kiosks. The museum’s main areas of information include Geology, Ecosystems, Colorado History, and Climates & Weather. The school must reserve this activity through the Park.

On Camp Evening Activities

  • Night Hike - Night Hikes are focused on capturing the mystique of the darkness. Our civilized society enables individuals to surround themselves with artificial light and noise constantly. By keeping groups small, not using flashlights, and focusing on quiet movement, the sights and sounds of the mountain night comes to life. While out, students will participate in a variety of educational and fun activities.
  • Campfire with Songs & Skits - Let us entertain you as our Instructors go crazy with songs and good, clean, funny skits. This is the highlight of the week and is always fun for students, teachers, and Instructors.
  • Guest Speakers- We have guest speakers that will come up for a reasonable fee to entertain and inform your group on a variety of different topics. Most presentations last 1 to 2 hours and are a huge hit with the students. 
  • Talent Shows - Some schools will organize student talent shows, where students sign up weeks in advance for the chance to show off their talent. Talent shows are usually held in the Chapel, which has a stage and, if needed, a sound system with auxilary cord & laptop co.
  • Skit Night - Skit night is usually run two ways. Each cabin group makes up a skit and performs for the school, or the teachers make up skits and perform them for the students. It helps to have a funny teacher act as the Master of Ceremonies.
  • Movie Night - Watch a teacher-selected movie (educational or fun) on our large flat screen HDTV. Let us add popcorn and juice and you have a night out at the movies. This is a great way to reward the hard work the students have been doing all day.

Free Time Activities

  • If you choose to schedule free time there are several fun things for kids to do. Check out our On Camp & Recommended Off Camp activities