Forms & Handouts

All forms & handouts (in one document) or as individual downloads:


Student & Adult Release Form - Release Forms for all students and adults must be handed in upon arrival.

Application for an Educational Fee Waiver (Online Application Here) - If you plan on going into the National Park you must submit this form at least a month in advance.


Student Packing List - Please make sure all students receive a packing list. You can use this one or make up your own.

Teacher/Chaperone Information Sheet - Please make sure all adults receive this sheet. It will help adults prepare for their visit.  

Student Workbooks

To enhance the information your students are going to learn, and in an effort to streamline the teaching process, we have created a custom student workbook designed to complement the Summit School program directly. This will allow us to maintain consistency with the ideas and terms we teach as well as integrate the workbook into class time. It allows the students to more actively use their workbooks and have something they can take home to show their parents or to use as a reference.

The student workbooks are optional and not required for the students during classes, but is a great resource for debriefing and reinforcing the topics conveyed in activities and classes. If you choose to put a workbook together, we ask that you include only the pages of the classes and activities in which the students are scheduled to take. Some classes and activities have more than one insert, so please make sure all of them are included. Please feel free to add in your own fun pages (crosswords, word searches, scavenger hunts, journal pages, Enos Mills info, etc.), but we would appreciate that any class related materials come from us.

CLASSES & ACTIVITIES - Please only include classes your school is scheduled for in the student workbooks. 

INTERPRETIVE HIKE ACTIVITIES - Please only include if your school visits RMNP.

MORAINE PARK MUSEUM - Only include if your school plans on visiting the museum.