Academic Classes

  • Tree Ecology - Tree Identification, Tree Anatomy, Tree Growth/Rings, and Life Zones.
  • Water Ecology - Catch, Identify, and Release Macroinvertebrates, Learn about the Water Cycle, Measure Water Quality and Velocity. 
  • Animal Ecology - Predator / Prey Relations, Animal Characteristics, Evidences of Life, and Animal Camouflage
  • Rocky Mountain Geology - Plate Tectonics, Mountain Building, Mountain Formations, Erosion, and Glaciation

Outdoor Skills Classes

  • Wilderness Survival - What to do When You're Lost, Ten Essential Systems for Wilderness Survival, Shelter Building, Fire Building
  • Map and Compass - Reading a Topographic Map, Orienteering Course, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking
  • Basic First Aid - Hands on Practice in Surveying the Scene, Primary and Secondary Assessment, Controlling Bleeding, Splinting, 
  • Archery - Parts of the Bow, Safety Procedures, Skill practice

High Adventure

  • High Challenge Course - Learn How to Make Good Choices, Goal Setting, Peer Encouragement, and Working With Fears 35 Feet Above the Ground
  • Zip Line - Build Confidence and Self Efficacy on this Fun 1000' Ride
  • Low Challenge Course (Teambuilding) - Work with Each Other to Complete Challenges and Meet Group Goals in a Variety of Settings

Note - All of our challenge courses are inspected annually by a certified inspector, No person is ever forced or coerced into participating against their wishes.  

Rocky Mountain National Park

Full- and Half-Day Hikes

This is an excellent opportunity for students to be immersed in all that the Colorado's Rockies have to offer. Transportation is included. 

Choose between several different hiking options; be sure to obtain the Park's required Entrance Fee Waiver (Online Application). 

  • Cub Lake – Located at the upper end of Moraine Park, the Cub Lake trail takes you past beaver ponds and prime elk territory as you work your way to Cub Lake. Make it a loop by heading up to the “Pool” and ending up at the Fern Lake Trailhead. 
  • Beaver Meadows – Take a loop trail up to “Lunch Rock” which overlooks Moraine Park, a great place to teach about glaciers and geology. This is also a good place to see elk and your best chance to see coyotes and turkeys.
  • Gem Lake – Tucked up into Lumpy Ridge, the Gem Lake hike offers a good challenge for students as they come to several overlooks of the Estes Park Valley.

Moraine Park Museum

  • The museum’s main areas of information include Geology, Ecosystems, Colorado History, and Climates & Weather. The school must reserve this activity through the Park.

Special Activities

  • Large Group Games - We have a large number of all group games that your Gym Teacher has probably never used or seen. Usually used as an energy releaser and lasting 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Survival Game - Students run around camp as Elk trying to find Food and Water, meanwhile the Teachers and Instructors are Wolves and chase the Elk with Super Soakers. Kids learn the challenges prey have in surviving, and the Teachers get revenge. 
  • Guest Speakers - Most presentations last 1 to 2 hours and are a huge hit with the students. More Info
  • Teacher's Choice - Teach a class or lead and activity that you are passionate about!

Evening Activities

  • Night Hike -Capture the mystique of the darkness. During this one hour hike the sights and sounds of the mountain night comes to life. Learn about echolocation, how the eyes work, astronomy, and listen to a spooky story. 
  • Campfire - Let us entertain you as our Instructors go crazy with songs and good, clean, funny skits. This is often the highlight of the week and is always fun for students, teachers, and Instructors.
  • Skit Night - Skit night is usually run two ways. Each cabin group makes up a skit and performs for the school, or the teachers make up skits and perform them for the students. It helps to have a funny teacher act as the Master of Ceremonies.
  • Movie - Watch a teacher-selected movie (educational or fun) on our large flat screen HDTV.

Note - All evening activities include a snack. 

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