Meals at The Heights

Our dining hall is beautiful with a great stone fireplace, and the food...mmm! We can seat and serve nearly 200 people. Meals are served buffet-style and fresh salad is included with every lunch and dinner (fruit and yogurt for breakfast). View a Sample Menu.

Honestly, our food may be the most regularly complemented service we offer! Seriously, a camper once said his favorite part of camp was the bacon, not the zipline... the bacon! We offer many choices during each meal so even the more discriminating (“picky”) eaters will not go hungry! Drink options include juice, iced tea, water, coffee, hot tea, and hot cocoa.

Contact our food service director, Greg Jones, with questions.

Food Allergies & Dietary Restrictions

These are very important issues for us at the Heights. With more and more food allergies & dietary restrictions these days, we are used to catering to individual needs and do our best to accommodate everyone.* We do not mind reading labels or cooking separate meals with different cooking utensils, and our staff is trained on cross-contamination. Campers and guests are welcome to bring special food if needed. Please feel free to contact our Food Service Director with any questions, concerns, or request you may have regarding food allergies or restrictions. 

*With some allergies, especially the more unusual ones, we are not always able to fully accommodate a guest or camper. In these cases, we encourage you to send/bring pre-made meals that you can heat in our microwave. We will even provide our menus if you prefer so meals can be prepared similarly to avoid standing out.